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Welcome to Naples Personal Training

Client-Centered Approach

With a client-centered approach to weight loss, general fitness, rehabilitation, functional training and sports performance, Naples Personal Training offers personal training and rehab to meet all of your needs from the privacy of our 2,400 square foot facility. Why work out in a noisy, crowded facility when you can have the comfort of a one-on-one experience with your personal trainer?

Our services are a cut above the rest. From our individual training sessions, to the availability of buddy training (1 trainer / 2 clients) or in-home sessions, we create a plan to meet your needs. Our staff provides a positive environment while using state of the art equipment so that you can achieve your goals.

We are located in the Mission Square Plaza on Pine Ridge Road, one block East of Goodlette Frank Road.

In The News:

Tuesday February 17th at 8:30am
Dr. Wells will be engaging the residents of the Quarry in a discussion on aging prevention through exercise!

Thursday February 19th at 3pm
Dr. Wells will be speaking with McKenney Home Care at the United Church of Christ. The team will cover degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, and exercise!

Saturday April 11th and 12th
The National Strength and Conditioning Association has asked Dr. Wells to speak at the next South Florida Conference. More details to come.

Thursday April 21st at 5pm
Naples Personal Training will be hosting an e'Bella Connect Event. Food, prizes, and an energizing discussion about exercise and longevity will be provided by the NPT Team.

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