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Sit up. Shoulders back. Don’t slouch! These are all phrases we have heard time and time again from those around us in an attempt to get us to improve our posture. Factors in our environment such as the desk we sit at for hours, or the electronic device perched in our laps promote a hunched over position with our shoulders rounded forward and chin dropped down. The body learns to go into this position even when we are not engaged in those activities. The result can be an increased frequency of headaches, pain and discomfort in the shoulders when reaching, or even difficulty resting your head on a flat surface without a pillow. The good news is your posture and associated pain can be improved, sometimes in a matter of minutes.
It may sound like child’s play, but something as simple as rolling on the floor can greatly and immediately improve posture. Renowned strength and conditioning coach Steve Maxwell demonstrates the instant results in his video “Baby Rolling for Better Posture.” Theses movements are simple, yet many are surprised at how challenging it can be to replicate something even a baby can do. This developmental milestone helps to teach the body how to coordinate its own movements and position itself appropriately, something that can be forgotten over time.
The results from these simple movements are not permanent on their own. Combining them with targeted stretching and strengthening for muscles of the chest and back will help correct the imbalances created over time that lead to poor posture. Proper posture then becomes a natural position that does not require extra thought or undue effort.
Physical fitness is often measured solely by the amount of weight one can move, or how far and quickly one can travel. While these measurements of strength and cardiovascular fitness can serve as indicators, the ability to sit on the floor with grandchildren or rest comfortably at night should never be undervalued. If you are interested in finding an exercise regimen that helps you retain or recover youthful mobility, then getting in contact with a certified personal trainer at your Quarry Fitness Center can be a great start. Call us today to schedule a session and start working towards a longer and stronger life.

By: Quinten Poindexter, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist from Naples Personal Training

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