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Naples Personal Training’s very own Dr. of Physical Therapy, Ryan Hickey was on a team of researchers at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) that confirmed the positive effects the OSFLOW® has on Balance and Postural Sway in a geriatric population. Continue reading for the full news release…

Naples Personal Training incorporates the OSFLOW® into many training regimes.

OSFLOW® is a world novelty in the Fitness and Wellness market. A recently conducted scientific study by Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) confirms the positive effects the OSFLOW® has on Balance and Postural Sway in a geriatric population.

The Faculty of the College of Health Professions and Social Work Florida Gulf Coast University conducted the scientific study in 2016. The purpose of the study was to determine whether the counter-clockwise oscillating vibration platform (OSFLOW®) has a significant effect on older adult’s balance and postural sway. The OSFLOW® counterclockwise oscillation vibration platform was used for this study. The device was calibrated to 10 Hz over the five-week course of the study. Each participant was asked to attend four sessions a week for the five-week period.

There was a statistically significant increase in balance confidence per ABC Balance Confidence Scale. In addition, anecdotally, the most frequently noted improvement was in posture. Many of the participants described feeling that their posture was improving, noting that they felt it easier to stand straight with their shoulders back and cervical spine in a neutral position. Others reported feeling that they had made improvements in their sleep patterns, decreased joint pain, or increased sense of energy.

“This study confirms in a scientific way what we have seen in many individual cases over the years. With the regular use of the OSFLOW®, people are doing something good for themselves, feeling limber and loose with an improved posture, more balanced and automatically this will increase anyone’s well being,” says Judith Rudolf, owner of OsflowUSA Distribution LLC as she shares her excitement about the outcome of the study.

“I have personally experienced the OSFLOW® and I am excited that the positive results are now also confirmed by Florida Gulf Coast University through their scientific work. In today’s Country Club world, anything that helps to improve balance and well-being has to be supported. Some of our Healthiest Clubs we work with are using the OSFLOW® successfully,” says Rick Ladendorf, founder of Prevo Health Solutions, a wellness company and executive producer of the Private Club Industry America’s Healthiest Club certification program.

The OSFLOW® oscillates very gently with 10 Hertz. Through its horizontal oscillations, it brings the skeleton back into its natural and centered position. As a result, balance and flexibility improves. Back pain is often caused by muscle tensions. The oscillations help the muscles relax. Relaxed muscles help intercept these pain circulations. The OSFLOW® oscillation platform helps reduce the occurrence of those nagging injuries that so many aging people suffer from.

“I have been using my OSFLOW® for almost 7 weeks now and I can report that it has made a huge difference to my well being and fitness. I bought it principally for lower back pain after having a nasty fall. Not only has it almost cured my back pain but it has also given me a much better alignment and balance. I do not hesitate to recommend the Osflow,” says Margaret Smith, VA.

The OSFLOW® is an oscillation wellness platform and has the potential to be a life changer. The oscillations from the OSFLOW® are like a deep tissue massage, relax your muscles and increase your balance and flexibility. The device has proven to deliver great results for MS, Parkinson and Stroke patients as well. Florida Physical Therapist in PP and many other professionals working in the health and wellness area recommend the OSFLOW®.

OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC conducts every year dozens of events in high-end Fitness Centers in South West Florida and the feedback from the community is enormous. If interested to learn more about the OSFLOW®, contact Kevin Chiddister at Naples Personal Training, (239)597-2370 or Darin Hovis ATC/L, ACE-CPT at Par4Fitness LLC, Certified Medical & Golf Fitness Professional (724) 301-4285 or simply call OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC at (239) 592-4062. www.OSFLOW®

By the year 2050, the elderly population will exceed 20% of all Americans, with the greatest increase being in those aged 85 and older. The aging process will have multiple components, and some of these variables can be influenced by participation in exercise and regular physical activity. Balance, coordination, and strength are all abilities that can be improved with proper training. One of the leading causes of accidental falls among the elderly citizens is a lack of balance.

About OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC:

OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC, was founded in 2013, as the sole importer of the OSFLOW® device. The OSFLOW® is imported from Germany and is available all over Europe. Judith Rudolf, owner of OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC, located in North Naples, FL first encountered the device when her brother in law with Parkinson’s Disease was using it. She then learned more about the device, the multiple benefits and thought that this would help many people here in Southwest Florida, including golfers. That was when she imported the first 10 devices into the US. After talking to some leading industry experts, the Florida Physical Therapists in Private Practice, FLPTPP endorsed the OSFLOW® device because of its functionality and positive benefits for its users. OSFLOWUSA Distribution LLC is focusing to build relationships with individuals and country clubs in Florida and the USA.

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