Challenge yourself with fast-paced, calorie-blasting workout, using unorthodox exercises in our Bootcamp class. Our class is a combination of strength, cardio, muscle endurance, flexibility, core, and functional movement patterns. You get EVERYTHING you need!! Bootcamp is geared toward intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Modifications are always offered for beginners to advanced.

Wednesday 6:30pm

Class Details
Duration:60 mins
Location:Naples Personal Training
Class Type:Bootcamp
Class Size:4-12
Price:$15/class or $120/10 sessions
Non Memeber Price:$15/class or $120/10 sessions
Kevin Chiddister
Class Trainer
Kevin Chiddister Owner
Certified Personal Trainer, Owner NPT
Kevin Chiddister was born & raised in Fremont, Indiana. He lived in Fort Myers, Fl for several y...