Wednesdays 11am
If you’re like most people you decided it’s time to make a change and get your body in better condition so you can play better tennis or pickleball. Our team of Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers and Trainers have developed a program for injury prevention as well as prepare your conditioning for sport. Our goals of this comprehensive corrective exercise program is to increase playing time, decrease pain, improve efficiency of your swing, improve core stabilization, improve static & dynamic posture, improve static & dynamic balance and increase power.

Free to members training 2 x week or more.

First class free to non-members.


Racquet Fitness
Duration:50 mins
Location:Naples Personal Training
Class Type:Sports Specific Training
Class Size:4-12
Member Price:$0
Non Memeber Price:$15
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Otto Jaasko ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Otto received his Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training from Florida Gulf Coast University in 201...
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Kevin Chiddister Owner
Certified Personal Trainer, Owner NPT
Kevin Chiddister was born & raised in Fremont, Indiana. He lived in Fort Myers, Fl for several y...