With the emphasis on Lower body strength and conditioning, UFIT! Lower will have you building muscle and getting shredded in a fun and engaging environment. Each Training session is guaranteed to get your heart-pounding, during the 50 minute, sweat-dripping workout. UFIT! will use kettlebells, dumbbells, treadmills, monster bands and other equipment to incorporate an intense workout of both strength and conditioning. Our workouts change daily and are formulated to ensure a balanced training routine, so for every session  you attend, you know you are getting a complete workout emphasizing lower body.

UFIT! Lower
Duration:50 mins
Location:Naples Personal Training
Class Type:Strength and Conditioning
Class Instructor
Class Trainer
Kevin Chiddister Owner
Certified Personal Trainer, Owner NPT
Kevin Chiddister was born & raised in Fremont, Indiana. He lived in Fort Myers, Fl for several y...