Alberto Polanco CPT

Certified Personal Trainer
Trainer Bio

Alberto is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine(NASM). He is a Naples native that is looking to further himself as well as others in his home town. He decided to start a career in fitness after suffering from obesity from the early age of six which continued well into his teenage years. When he hit the age of fifteen years old he had hit his peak weight at 265 lbs standing 5’6” which put him into the morbidly obese category that lasted well throughout his highschool years. At the age of eighteen he decided to take an initiative to start a gym membership where he began spending his free time biking, walking, weight lifting. Even though he was having success with weight loss he was still intimidated by the thought of a getting a personal trainer which led him to research different types of exercises, healthier eating habits, and other important information that a personal trainer would be conveying over to him. Over the course of three years Alberto had lost over 100 lbs and stayed committed to a healthier lifestyle and exercise and wanted to further expand his knowledge which led him to go back to school to learn more about personal training and how it can be used as preventative healthcare. Alberto later enrolled into Heritage institute where he studied the (NASM) and American council on Exercise(ACE) curriculums together before deciding on choosing (NASM). He was interning at Naples Personal Training during this period during this time and is now training as an (NASM) accredited (CPT)  and is now fully committed to making lasting impacts by teaching the importance of exercise in a healthy life, and helping others make smarter lifestyle choices everyday that will help with long term success with the health goals.

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