Maksym Shpolianskyi

Self-Defense and Dance Instructor
Trainer Bio

Coach Max is Naples Personal Training Self Defense and Dance instructor. He will be providing 5 different self-defense disciplines; Peaceful Warrior, Self-Defense without Weapon, Basics of Boxing, Knife Fighting, and Stick Fighting. As well as providing individual and group dance lessons.

Max is an accomplished Martial Artist, his experience includes 10 years of boxing, 5 years of Judo, 3 years of Eskrima, and 3 years of Muay Thai. He had 3 years of experience of Combat Machine in the self defense system. He has completed courses that include conflict control, empathy in psychotherapy and psychological practice, and Influence and persuasion based on emotional intellect.

He has a passion for the psychology of sports, he earned a degree in Psychology from Poltava National University. He also holds a Law Degree from Odessa National University.

Max wants to pass his knowledge of Self-defense to the Southwest Florida Community. With the world changing he feels it is necessary to be able to defend yourself in all situations. Everyone from children to older adults can benefit from his Self-Defense classes.

Max has 14 plus years of dancing experience in Latin American and European programs. He has won numerous awards including first place in the International Dance Masters, in the category “Latin American Formation” in the team “Grace”.

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