NPT serves up a winner!

If you are an avid tennis player—or even just spend the occasional weekend on the court—we have a program designed especially for you! Tennis is one of the most popular sports here in Naples, and it’s one of our favorites at Naples Personal Training, too. 

Our team of Physical Therapists and Exercise Specialists has taken a look at the performance and injury issues associated with tennis and developed a program that will help make you a better—and injury-free—player.

We will help you learn proper conditioning and exercise movements that will help you increase your time on the court, improve your racquet stroke, and increase power. You will improve your core strength, increase static and dynamic balance and posture, and decrease pain. Dr. Shannon Reece of Training for Optimal Performance will provide some keen insights into the mental aspect of the game. It’s exclusively at Naples Personal Training on November 2, 2018 at Noon!

A formula for mental game success

Dr. Shannon Reece, of Training for Optimal Performance will help you tap your best skills to play great by eliminating interference and leveraging your strengths into championship form. Dr. Reece is a world-renowned sports psychologist who specializes in Golf Performance. With 21 years of experience working with amazing clients around the globe, showing them how to achieve measurable success, her mission is to help you perform at the top of your game using a proven mental game formula. 

Strength and conditioning

Kevin Chiddister, exercise specialist at Naples Personal Training will discuss sport-specific training methods and concepts that will help improve your strength, endurance, and speed on the court–and off of it! Kevin is the owner of Naples Personal Traning and a former NCAA college athlete. He has spent most of his life working with athletes, both elite and purely amateur, to become better and more efficient at their sports. Kevin has incredible insight into the workings of the human body in motion, and is adept at developing effective training methods to optimize performance.

Avoid injury

Otto Jaasko, of Naples Personal Training, is has a degree in Athletic Training and is studying for his doctoral degree in physical therapy at Florida Gulf Coast University. He specializes in injury prevention through strengthening and stretching. Otto has helped countless athletes turn their even their most vigorous athletic activities into a safe and pain-free pursuit. Let’s face it, fitness is a lot more enjoyable if the path to getting there isn’t painful!  


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