Golf Fitness

Looking to improve your golf game? Naples Personal Training team works with players at all ages and levels and provide development programs to fit all playing goals. If your goals are to improve accuracy, increase energy after 18 holes, gain distance off the tee, stay injury free, and play the best golf possible we can help. All training programs include golf-specific physical assessments, a clear development plan based on your individual Focus Points, and dynamic results tracking to measure your progress. At Naples Personal Training we achieve your golfing goals by using the latest evidence based training. The key to our training is creating mobility and stability exactly where you need it. We integrate cardiovascular workouts, strength training, proprioceptive exercise, and flexibility training to promote a consistent swing to improve golf game and prevent injury.

Tennis Fitness

Strength and Conditioning for Tennis has become a daily routine for most tennis players. Naples Personal Training will design specific fitness training for each individual tennis athlete. Tennis training must incorporate strength and conditioning on a regular basis in order to develop aerobic and anaerobic capacity, strength and explosive power, speed and quickness and also flexibility. Our training will include some strength training, cardiovascular training, agility training, and stretching routines; everything you need to improve in order to become a better tennis player and reduce chance of injury. By following your fitness program step by step and by being consistent you will see results in a few weeks and this will help you to improve your tennis game.

Scholastic Program 

Naples Personal Training scholastic training program has produced several successful young athletes. The program is designed for athletes between the ages of 11-18 years. We provide the same science-based, field-proven training methods that we use with all our athletes in an age and developmentally appropriate manner. Programs are based on an individual assessment and take in to account the athletes sport, special needs, and schedule availability. We provide the option for private and / or small group training for athletes for varying durations of commitment and our expert coaches are able adjust training to maximize performance whether the athlete is in their off-season or in the midst of a championship run.

Private Yoga

It doesn’t get more personal than this. Whether you’re a member, or non-member of Naples Personal Training, private yoga is an incredible way to cultivate your yoga practice in a way that’s as individual as you are. Learn from a renowned instructor and progress at your own pace in a dedicated private studio or in the privacy of your own home.

Health Coach

Would you like to feel better? Get healthier? Lose weight? Get stronger? Have less stress? Research shows that it takes 21 days to change habits. People make New Year’s resolutions and they don’t last. They fall back into their old habits. Why? Most approaches don’t work because people do not have the tools that can help them get there. Health coaching can provide accountability and behavioral modification tools that work which lead to lasting change. Do you want to have more balance in your life? Do you want to be able to change those habits that are getting in the way from you achieving a healthier, more fit, better quality of life? Health coaching will help you push the boundaries of your comfort zone to help you achieve greater health and quality of life. Dr. Samreen Mongillo facilitates healthy, sustainable behavior change by helping clients develop a sense of empowerment by using motivational tools, identifying their values, and transforming their goals into action.